Personal Particle Accelerator – Super Size Kit


This DIY double-sized Personal Particle Accelerator contains 6 electromagnets and associated electronics ! It’s three days of fun just to build it, then you can experiment and compete against others fine tuning and running experiments.  Great for demonstrations and maximum impression. Access to all documentation and experiments.  Looks great in the dark!

Containing printed circuit boards and electronic components, you’ll need electronic assembly skills to put this together.  This kit is suitable for:

  • children aged 13-15 with adult supervision
  • 16+ unsupervised

NOTE: Purchaser responsible for import duties (example: 20% VAT in UK) to their country.  Goods can NOT be returned because the purchaser refuses to pay import duties for their country.

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This deluxe kit includes a 66cm diameter particle accelerator kit, including electronic components, PCB’s, tube, throttle, wires, 6 electromagnets, mechanical parts, Arduino Uno clone microcontroller and ball bearing. You’ll get electronic access to all documentation and experiments.

After years of development, and a successful Kickstarter launch, this working model of a synchrotron particle accelerator, is inspired by the Large Hadron Collider.  Once you’ve got it going, the fun really begins, with experiments and optimisations.

In this model, a steel ball bearing is accelerated around a tube by electromagnets.  An Arduino Uno compatible micro-controller delivers precision pulses to the electromagnets, supported by a network of sensors and real-time calculations. All source code is open and can be modified to your desires!

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