Personal Particle Accelerator kit – Saver model


This DIY Particle Accelerator kit is a whole weekend’s worth of fun to build, and from there you’ll be able to experiment and compete against others fine tuning and running experiments.  Containing printed circuit boards and electronic components, you’ll need electronic assembly skills to put this together.  You’ll need to 3d print your own mechanical parts and provide the Arduino.  This kit is suitable for:

  • children aged 13-15 with adult supervision
  • 16+ unsupervised

NOTE: Purchaser responsible for import duties (example: 20% VAT in UK) to their country.  Goods can NOT be returned because the purchaser doesn’t want to pay import duties.


This basic kit gets you started with a 33cm diameter particle accelerator kit, including electronic components, PCB’s, tube, throttle, wires, 3 electromagnets and ball bearing. You’ll get electronic access to all documentation and experiments. You’ll need to 3d print your own mechanical pieces and provide your own Arduino Uno. STL files for 3d printing, and the Arduino sketch will be available to you electronically.

Additional information

Weight 0.82 kg
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 5 cm


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