Mini Gerbil 2 Axis Controller for K40 Laser Cutter PRO-PACK


Suitable for K40 and other 2 axis laser cutters / engravers

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Time for a serious K40 upgrade ?  This Pro-Pack kit includes:

  • The Mini Gerbil controller, ideal for K40 and other laser cutters/engravers requiring 2 axis and laser control. Throw away your current controller such as Nano M2 and enjoy a smooth experience and higher speed operation. Full installation instructions and support provided.
  • a quality replacement lens, so you get the most from your laser beam
  • a mounting pack that allows you to install adjacent to the original Nano M2 controller if desired.  Or simply install in place of the original Nano M2 controller. Note the product photo shows an acrylic case, but this is no longer included because the mounting pack makes it redundant
  • an exhaust fan upgrade with easy to fit drag chain.  The exhaust fan moves smoke away from the lens, so that it stays clean and your laser beam isn’t filtered by dust particles on the lens.  The drag chain allows you to position the fan exactly where it’s needed most, while keeping the fan’s power cables from interfering with gantry operation.

The Mini Gerbil is compatible with:

  • Inkscape – we’ve built custom add-ins that give you laser control from inside the graphics editor
  • Laserweb
  • Lightburn
  • Easel
  • Other g-code senders

Windows 10 is recommended and supported, earlier versions of Windows are ‘at your own risk’ (we don’t provide technical support).

Mini Gerbil’s dimensions are approx. 80 x 50 x 22 mm.

Additional information

Weight 0.375 kg
Dimensions 22 × 16 × 7.7 cm


  • upgrades K40 design weaknesses (controller, software, lens and fan)
  • runs from your K40 without additional power supplies
  • faster than any alternative control systems due to the 72 MWhz 32 bits ARM processor
  • allows fine gray engravings due to 16 bits  PWM
  • small footprint
  • no dongle required
  • support via our K40 forum
  • sturdy and reliable in custom acrylic case
  • easy to install – we provide written and video instructions


Suitable for K40 and other laser cutters / engravers

Runs from your existing laser power supply

Full simultaneous 2 Axis – X and Y movement

Assemble your own case from flat pack

Ultra smooth high precision with 32 bits

Hold large G-code files with 96kB fast Flash/RAM memory

2 x A4988 standard step sticks included (1.5A)

Easy connection to standard K40 connectors (USB port communication)

Clear ZnSe Laser Lens 30% more power

Drag Chain for Air assist

Mini PCB fan as air assist

Free access to Mini Gerbil Firmware updates for the life of the product

Community Support – K40 Forum


The Installation instructions can be found here and a troubleshooting chart can be found here

Dragchain and Clear USA ZnSe lens installation:


LightBurn G-Code License Key – Just add the accessory to your checkout

USB Mini B – Communications cable – 80 cm

Just add one to your checkout cart.


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