LiFi – Light Fidelity STEM kit

STEM kit to design and build parabola mirrors and test them how well they perform


**** Coming Soon ****

LiFi STEM kit – Transmit sound via frequency modulated light waves! We transmitted and received sound over a distance of ten meters.

This kit is under development and consists of 1 transmitter and 1 receiver. The intent of the kit is that the user designs, builds and wires up a parabolic antenna either 3d printed, crafted out of carton/balsa wood or buys the parabolic mirrors.

The educational aspect is to design and learn in a practical way parabola equations and how they work (focus) and are applied in a real use case.


9 Volt battery operated.

No soldering or buy as a construction kit that requires assembly and soldering (all parts included).

LiFi parabola Antenna needs to be constructed by the user.


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