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How to set it all up (get me started)

We have dedicated a few pages to get you going with setting up Gerbil. The landing page is

You can follow the steps in the landing page and always come back to this page after each step. Basically it gives you links to:

Thanks for the info and the controller. Strangely the wire colors are not uniform at all across the K40 builds, so this could get interesting for many people

Step 7, the low voltage connections - no way will my connector, the same as the one in the image, fit on the board. If it is placed with the original 2 vertical locking slots towards the outside of the board the connector is too thick to allow it to fit (See Gerbil2 image), and the other way has the 2 locking slots pressing the rear tab of the connector away pretty severely as well

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indeed there are many versions of k40 wiring and unfortunately not consistent. The solution of you connector is that you can push it into the male socket. The plastic lip is very flexible. An alternative is to replace the female connector. Mouser and Digikey sell these MTA lock connectors. My local Jaycar in Australia sellsthem as well for 75ct. If you need them, I can send one to you within an envelope. Let me know, cheers, Paul

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