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Now in stock ! (ProPacks are back 2nd of April)

The Mini Gerbil is our latest model drop in replacement Controller for the stock K40 Nano M2 board.  It’s fast, small, easy to connect and affordable.

It runs without needing additional costly power supplies, and is neatly packed in a custom acrylic case.

The firmware is based on the ARM firmware of the Super Gerbil but just for two axis but runs 7 x faster on the 72 MHz 32 bits ARM processor then on our previous Gerbil.

Besides this you can either dither with existing software packages or have 16 bits PWM shaded grays.


Mini Gerbil’s dimensions are approx. 80 x 50 x 22 mm. Detailed specifications can be found here. Software supported are free Inkscape, Easel, laserWeb, LightBurn (although an one off paid subscription fee) etc.

Note these products are upgrade kits, with instructions and community support to help with the installation.  A small percentage of customers encounter issues with their k40 upgrades due to k40 related issues such as non-standard plugs, poor USB cables, poor factory wiring, and older OS’s like XP etc.  We’ll help guide you through any such challenges.

Please double-check your Paypal delivery address prior to payment! We cannot list a lower value on parcels because of the increased world wide taxation agencies demands for compliant parcels and electronic customs and shipping documentation.

Photo: The propack kit 

The board can cater for different versions of lasers. Eg. K40s with ribbon cables or with just normal 3 and 4 pin connectors. See specs here.

Tracking numbers are provided and you can track them here: DHL tracking link

Installation Instructions have been updated with new pictures. 

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