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installing plugin?

According to your instructions which state:"Open Inkscape and navigate to Edit/Preferences to take note of which folder your User Extensions are stored"

Clicking on edit/preferences I get a popup window that shows a drop down list starting with; text, spray, eraser, etc.

where is the folder listed?

On my Windows 10 system it is C:\Program Files (x86)\Inkscape\share\extensions.

Trying to download the zipped inkscape plugin directly to the Inkscape/share/extension folder, and am told that I do not have permission to access this folder, contact system administration. Your help would be appreciated. 

Set the folder permissions via mouse/right click in the win explorer or use chmod 777 in Mac os.

you might need to assign yourself admin rights or login with the administrator user/pwd.

  1. open a command prompt as administrator
  2. navigate to the folder and use the copy command to copy the files

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